What is Breadcrumb?

What is Breadcrumb?
  • A breadcrumb is a small text path, often located at the top of a page indicating where the user is on the site.

  • Breadcrumbs give you orientation and show you exactly where you are on a website.

  • Breadcrumbs are an essential element of an SEO friendly website because: They make navigation easier.

  • With breadcrumbs, if you’ve reached a page you don’t want to be on, you can easily find your way back or go back a step or two and start over.

Breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trail is one of the factors of search engine optimization. It’s like a Secondary menu system that displays to a website visitor where they are within a structured menu system.

Eg: Suppose the website is about homes. The breadcrumbs trail, it may indicate that they are within ‘homes for sale in mumbai’ section, It’s for the page that visitor’s viewing,

Visitors may be able to use the breadcrumbs trail to go back to a list of other options, such as ‘homes to rent’ in Mumbai.

Alternatively, they may be able to use the breadcrumbs, to find homes in other locations, such as Thane.

As per Google’s algorithm, Google search uses breadcrumbs markup on the body of a web page to categorize the information from the page in search results


Also, since Google likes breadcrumbs, we should implement them.

Google recommends using general structured data guidelines.

Breadcrumbs and Wordpress

If your website uses WordPress, you can implement breadcrumbs using a plugin. Within the new plugins section, search using the phrase breadcrumbs. And you can have many plugins in that section.

One of the best and most popular is Breadcrumbs NavXT, which has around 600,000 active installations.

Advantages of breadcrumbs

It actually helps Google to understand the hierarchy of webpages and it helps Google indexing content better on websites.

The most important advantage is it provides a relevancy signal to the end-users when they are searching for the link to click in the search results.