What is Big Data?

Big Data is the name given to massive volumes of data which get collected & stored on a day to day basis from a multitude of events directly or indirectly related to business. The nature of the data is extremely voluminous and complex as majority of the data is unstructured in nature. There’s no definite size to Big Data – rather any data volume which cannot be handled and manipulated using traditional data application & business intelligence tools is tagged as Big Data.

Big Data is a data collected in huge volume. Its large size and complexity makes it difficult for any traditional data management tools to store it or process it.

Here are the types of big data —

  1. Structured — Any data that can be stored, accessed and processed in the form of fixed format is termed as a ‘structured’ data.
  2. Unstructured — Any data with unknown form or the structure is classified as unstructured data. In addition to the size being huge, un-structured data poses multiple challenges in terms of its processing for deriving value out of it.
  3. Semi — Structured— A semi structured data can contain both the forms of data. Example of semi-structured data is a data represented in an XML file.