What is better, SEO or PPC?


SEO and PPC are often compared side by side. Each has its place in the digital marketing world, but not knowing your goals or which audience you want to reach might leave you wondering if one is better than the other.

Imagine a client who hires your SEO business to increase foot traffic to his brick-and-mortar store: You know that his real aim is for these potential customers to buy their products there. In this case, SEO would be more effective because it increases customer awareness of the store’s existence and location, making it possible for them (the target audience) to visit – where they will hopefully buy what they need from him.

However, say an online clothing retailer wants her brand known among fashion enthusiasts all over the world. In that case, going for PPC would be more effective in generating site traffic since it does not require content creation.

Through our years in this industry, we’ve seen time and again that good communication with clients is crucial to understand their goals, needs and wishes so you can offer them what’s best rather than pushing your ideas or agenda.

So whenever you’re considering SEO vs. PPC as a digital marketing tool for a client (or yourself), take these three things into account first: What is their primary business goal? Who are they trying to reach? What success will they define?

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