What is aptitude round of microsoft placement processs?

Microsoft is a well-liked company, and every candidate, whether applying for technical or management roles, wants to apply for the company.

One of the standard rounds in both scenarios is Microsoft’s online aptitude test. This round consists of different questions and can be different based on the role offered.

The online aptitude round generally consists of the following questions -

Microsoft Situational Judgement Test

The Situational Judgement Test from Microsoft will present you with various scenarios that you will likely encounter while working for Microsoft. You will be required to evaluate the best and worst courses of action.

To provide adequate solutions, you will need to use your common sense and understanding of what it takes to succeed professionally.

Microsoft Logical Reasoning Test

The Microsoft Logical Reasoning Test, also known as the Diagrammatic or Inductive Test, will present you with five diagrams of varied forms and ask you to identify the correct pattern and suggest the next step in the sequence.

The Microsoft Logical Reasoning Test is problematic because these patterns and trends can be as abstract as they want to be.

The size, arrangement, movements, and colors of two and three-dimensional shapes will usually evolve.