What is an NLP engineer?

• The interface between daily human language and a computer’s ability to process and interpret natural language data is the responsibility of NLP engineers.
• Natural language processing (NLP) is a combination of computer science, information science, artificial intelligence (AI), and linguistics.
• The field of natural language processing (NLP) is concerned with the interaction between computers and human languages.
• While computers excel at managing organized datasets, they require some assistance when dealing with human languages.
• There are hundreds of languages and dialects, each with its own set of grammatical rules, slang, terminology, and syntax.
• As a result, NLP Engineers are in charge of the programming that enables technology to interpret and evaluate natural language input.
• Engineers that specialize in natural language processing design technologies and systems that can comprehend human speech.
• They break language down into smaller, more basic structures, attempt to comprehend the relationships between them, and examine how the structural parts interact to form meaning.

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