What is an innovative new marketing strategy that you’d like to implement while in this marketing position?

The goal is to see how up to date the customer is regarding new innovations in the marketing field.

What to look for in an answer:

  • Can they name one or more innovative marketing tactics?
  • Do they appear fluent in how these tactics can be implemented?
  • Are they confident about new strategies?

Innovative marketing concept is all about conducting market research into customer needs, behaviors and trends, develop a prototype or changes within product designing, launching a new product in a unique place, pricing the product in a unique way, promoting products in an unconventional way, etc.


“I’m really excited about the prospect of creating an experiential marketing campaign, where we can activate the brand in the wild, where our customers are. I’ve researched a variety of marketing activations, such as one where a vegetable company brought branded trucks to a festival and served vegetable snacks to health-conscious consumers.”