What is an associate manager salary in Accenture, India? What is the minimum work experience required to be in the AM level in Accenture?

21–32 Lakhs overall

Accenture’s Management Level 8 is Associate Manager. It is a managerial position with significant advancement for product expertise, leadership, and communication facilities.

• 11+ years of new experience was required.
• For Lateral Hire, SAP Projects and Niche Skills will pay you 25–32 lakhs with variable emolument.
• For the others, set a salary range from 18 to 32 lakhs, depending on the project and authoritative mandates.
•Though the average income on Glassdoor is 18–20L, Accenture is paying fairly well for unique skills in demand in 2021.

It is a great job directing a team and participating in decision-making; withal, predicated on your prosperity, you will be promoted to manager (L7) after 2–5 years.

You will be in charge of a minuscule/astronomically immense team dealing with clients.