What is a Tech Stack, and Why is getting your tech stack right crucial?

A tech stack is the set of technologies to create and maintain an application or project. A tech stack, also known as a “solutions stack,” comprises programming languages, frameworks, a database, front-end and back-end tools, and API-connected applications.

The way you create your tech stack has a big impact on your business: what kind of goods you can make, how efficient you can work, and even what kind of engineers you can hire. Some solutions reduce time but allow for less customization, while others are better for certain audience segments (iPhone users, for example), and yet others are more scalable but require more ongoing upkeep.

However, you can put together a stack that will match your current demands while also evolving as your company grows.

The correct tech stack may help your product succeed by making it easier to develop and ensuring that it improves in tandem with user needs.