What is a Marketing Degree?

Designed to build a strong foundation in marketing, a marketing degree equips students with the skills needed to identify, anticipate, maintain, and satisfy customer needs and wants. By addressing these needs properly, marketers can successfully create interest and demand for a business’s product or service. While lower division courses address similar foundational concepts as a business degree, core marketing courses heavily focus on fundamental marketing ideas and specifically prepare students for a variety of career options.
The Bachelor of Arts in Marketing program focuses on preparing you for a professional career in marketing. The program provides an academic baseline in business topics such as management, communications, and economics. You will then build upon your baseline by developing technical knowledge and application skills in market research, consumer behavior, advertising, and marketing strategy. When you successfully complete the a online marketing degree, you will be able to:

  • Apply management and marketing concepts to diverse marketing needs within domestic and multiple global cultures
  • Employ market research, data analysis, and analytics techniques to make informed marketing decisions
  • Compare legal, ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible marketing principles
  • Utilize appropriate marketing communications and digital practices to meet organizational and consumer needs
  • Create a strategic marketing plan for a dynamic business environment