What is a Group Discussion in TCS like?

The Group Discussion was part of the process in TCS placement process for a Management Trainee role.

  • There were around 8 of us in the same group and we were given a topic “ Why the stock market is booming when the economy is in a negative growth rate”.
  • We were briefed earlier that it was a 15-minute Group Discussion and we had to keep track of the time.
  • The GD started by a candidate explaining the topic on which we were supposed to speak.
  • There were many points kept forward by various candidates which stated that the stock market is not a proper measure to check the growth of an economy.
  • One candidate answered that it only consists of the top 30 and top 50 companies for the top 2 indexes. It does not factor in various other variables which are responsible.
  • The discussion went on for a few minutes and at the end, there was a conclusion made by providing a summary of all the points put forward by various students.