What is a firewall and why is it used?

• A firewall is a security device (either hardware or software) — that helps safeguard your network by filtering traffic and preventing unauthorized access to your computer’s confidential data.
• A firewall can prevent dangerous malware from infecting your computer by blocking undesired traffic.
• Different levels of protection can be provided by firewalls. The key is to figure out how much protection you require.
• In terms of home network security, firewalls are the first line of protection.
• When it comes to protecting your home network, a firewall should not be your sole consideration. It’s critical to update your operating system, web browsers, and security software on all of your internet-connected devices, including mobile devices.
• A firewall serves as a barrier between two networks. It detects and inhibits attempts to obtain access to your operating system, as well as unwanted traffic from unidentified sources.
• Between your computer and another network, such as the internet, a firewall works as a barrier or filter.