What is a Digital Marketing Manager's role?

A Digital Marketing Manager leads virtual marketing campaigns that improve the online presence of the brand. Broadly, the job includes planning the layout of the project, defining the timeline, setting goals for their team, and managing the funds associated with the project. Post execution of the project, the manager is required to analyse the metrics, assess, track and compare the performance of the campaign, and identify trends from the data collected in order to apply their findings to future projects. It is also the Digital Marketing Manager’s responsibility to stay up to date with the technological advancements and exploit them effectively to further the brand’s presence. Bagging this role generally requires a minimum of 5 years of experience as it is the seniormost role in this field. ​

Digital Marketing Managers can generally expect an average salary of over Rs. 6,00,000 in India.

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To effectively promote a brand’s product, a Digital Marketing Manager plans, administers and controls all areas of a digital marketing campaign. Planning a digital campaign, giving obligations to the marketing team, and analyzing campaign performance statistics are among their roles.

The Digital Marketing Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Managing online strategic initiatives
  • Leading marketing campaigns from concept through conception and deployment
  • Maintaining the freshness and effectiveness of online media initiatives by monitoring and assessing them.
  • Supervising and directing the hiring of marketing and promotion professionals.
  • Contract negotiations for advertising
  • Discussing plans and marketing strategies with other department heads and personnel
  • Working with financial staff to set and follow a budget
  • Keeping up and staying updated with new prospects in the digital marketing
  • Creates landing pages in collaboration with corporate departments and optimizes the user experience.
  • Studying economic data, watching changes in supply and demand, identifying clients and their current and future demands, and monitoring the competition, develop a digital marketing strategy.

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