What is a data scientists career path?

The career path of data scientists invariably varies from organizations to organizations. While in some businesses, there are clear demarcations between data engineers, statistical modelers and visualizers; in others, there’s some overlap between the roles as well. Hence, a data scientist invariably starts from the data engineering part wherein they clean and manage raw data to design a data-lake on which further analysts can be done. Post this, they gradually progress towards more sophisticated roles of statistical modelers and business analysts.

Data Science is fully applied field that is why It has lots of opportunities and have good career path. After completion a degree in Data Science you can mainly work as a Data Scientist which is best career for Data Science. Also, apart from that you can become a Data Analyst too.

Also, if you have a profound interest in research you can go towards the Phd degree in data science ,where you can choose interesting topics to do research on big data utilization , applied machine learning. Doing a Phd degree in data science opens up a lots of upper level posts such as Senior Data Scientist also.

Apart from that, best career opportunity may depends on your overall interest and passion.