What if no new points are being made in the GD and people are just stating the similar points in a round-about fashion?

This is a difficult situation but also an opportunity for you to display your creative skills. You can generate new thoughts by getting new ideas and dimensions in place. For instance, in the topic "Should there be reservation for women in Parliament?” you can expand the scope by including new dimensions such as:

  • Why only women and not economically deprived sections of society?
  • Not “women” in general but sub-reservations within this such as reservation for SC/ST Women, OBC Women etc.
  • Assuming that reservation is needed, when should it be introduced; if introduced, should it be permanent? If not, for how long?

Identification of even one such dimension can vastly expand and enrich the discussion and often it is very easy to find such a dimension.
If nothing more can be said may be you could summarize the discussion so far and encourage people to think about the implications (negatives and positives) of the issues and back-ups in case of contingencies.