What experience do you have working with businesses in my industry?

As a top digital marketer, you likely have a range of clients in a variety of industries that you have worked with over the years. However, it is paramount to note that industry-specific knowledge will go a long way in answering client questions.

Demonstrating knowledge and expertise will help ease the client’s concerns and help build trust immediately, and there are several ways you can do this:

First, share specific strategies and best practices that have worked well for you in your experience in the particular industry of your client. For example, to reach B2B enterprise SaaS clients, you’d want to leverage white papers, LinkedIn outreach, and face time at conferences. The more industry specific you can be, the better (without giving away the entire strategy.)

Second, summarize all relevant case studies. Sharing wins and learnings along your agency’s journey will help your prospect see their success interconnected with yours, and envision the potential of the partnership.

Finally, it’s crucial that you personalize your proposal to the client questions and their audience. While a boilerplate proposal may take less time, you might end up losing out on the opportunity if it feels too generic and lacks information relevant to the client.