What excites you most about our company culture?

Why They Ask: The point of this one is pretty simple — they want to see that you’ve done your research about that company. Nobody wants an unprepared interviewee, and this is a great way to not-so-subtly figure out just how much you know about what they’re like.

How to Answer: First and foremost, here’s an important reminder. You have to do adequate research about the company before you ever waltz into that interview.

While you’re digging into what that company is all about, pick out an element or two of the company culture that really resonates with you. Maybe you love their commitment to community service and volunteer days. Or, perhaps you’re somebody who believes that two brains are better than one and you’re excited about their collaborative approach to projects Figure out what appeals to you, and then emphasize that in your answer.

What This Looks Like:
“I’m passionate about my career, but I’m also really driven to help and serve others. I was thrilled to see that this company places just as much — if not more — value on community service. I can already think of a dozen different organizations I’d like to volunteer with during your quarterly volunteer days!”