What does an interviewer expect while introducing yourself at Amazon?

The introductory round of any interview, not only Amazon’s, is for a few specific reasons:

Introduction and portraying yourself the right way is the key to getting selected. even if the technical are a little shabby you can get away with it.

Now this tips are not only for an amazon specific interview
Work on your communication abilities; without a doubt, 100 percent of today’s organizations demand good communication skills; they’re looking for fluency and familiarity with the language.

Breaking the Ice - Be succinct and to-the-point; a reasonable rule of thumb is 3–4 brief sentences. This is how people get to know you and connect with you, through an introduction.

Other reasons - This is where the HR personnel looks to see whether you meet their credentials and standards. Always double-check that you are not underqualified or overqualified for the position.

Just a piece of basic advice: don’t say too much and don’t go overboard.