What does a graphic designer do?

Graphic designers are the ones who amalgamate art and technology. More like they are the artists of the technology world. From designing posters and billboards to designing websites and applications to working in the entertainment industry to designing games and movies, graphic designers are everywhere.

There are multiple certified courses and tutorials on the internet for you to scourge and learn graphic designing. Basic graphic designing requires command over Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. As you move towards advanced graphic designing, which involves moving objects like in an animated movie or VFX, you must learn Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro. There is a plethora of software for you to choose and create designs.

There is no trick to learning graphic design. To be a successful graphic designer, one must have a certain degree of vision, imagination, and knowledge. There are government institutes like NIFD that teach fashion and interior designing. Learning graphic designing opens up avenues for an individual.

Look for a course that covers the essential concepts and tools in graphic design. This might include topics like typography, color theory, layout design, image manipulation, and using graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Instructor Expertise: Check the credentials and experience of the instructors or trainers. They should have a strong background in graphic design and be able to teach design principles and techniques effectively.

Hands-On Projects: Practical experience is crucial in graphic design. A good course should include hands-on projects and assignments that allow you to apply the concepts you’ve learned and build a portfolio of work.