What does a Data Architect do?

A data architect analyses the business demands, investigates the existing data structure and draws up a design for constructing an integrated framework of easily available, safe data that is consistent with the company’s goal.
The database’s testing and maintenance operations are also defined by the data architect.

Data Architect and Data engineers are frequently confused and, worse, used interchangeably. However, a Data Architect’s role differs significantly from that of a Data Engineer. In this dispute between data engineers and data architects, the latter creates the blueprint for the data framework while the former implements the blueprint to create a data framework.

A Data Architect considers all data sources relevant to corporate operations and develops a plan to integrate, centralize, and maintain the information. On the other hand, a Data Engineer is in charge of creating and testing long-term Data Architectures for the company that allows for easy data search and retrieval. Data architects collaborate closely with data engineers to create a solid data architecture.