What Does a Content Writer Do?

To put it plainly, content writers specialize in writing online content. Some writers are skilled in a wide range of writing styles and topics, while others specialize in writing for a niche topic. Content writers are everywhere—employed by private companies, government organizations and by themselves on a contract basis as freelancers. Here are some of the most common types of content writers who are responsible for crafting unique content

Blog Writer

Blog writers are masters of creating conversational, engaging content. They know how to write content that speaks to the intended audience and keeps them reading—often with humor and other forms of entertainment. Blog posts are highly entertaining for readers and typically serve a purpose, especially to loyal brand followers.

Brand Journalist

Brand journalists are similar to brand ambassadors in that they focus on ways to enhance a brand’s image. They’re storytellers who ensure that press releases, customer testimonials, company bios, brand stories, and human interest stories engage readers with the brand. They dive deep into the heart of the company to tell a brand’s story.


Copywriters are skilled wordsmiths experienced in crafting various forms of content for digital and, sometimes, print. They’re well-versed in countless topics and strategies designed to engage a specific audience. Copywriters commonly focus on writing cohesive website copy that flows seamlessly from one content type to the next, encompassing main content, site articles, product descriptions, infographics, sales collateral, and blog posts. They understand that each piece of copy has a distinct purpose and know how each piece fits together.