What does a business and integration arch analyst do at Accenture? Does the role involve a lot of programming?


  1. You will not be programming, but you will be working closely with one.
    This job title is similar to that of a Business Analyst (if you’re not too technical) or a System Analyst (if you’re more technical).

  2. As with any role in the software industry, understanding code/architecture/web services, etc., will give you an advantage in your day-to-day work, but you will not be doing programming (not in this job title).


  • In my opinion, for such a role within Accenture, you’ll need a combination of technical and soft skills, as you’ll be giving presentations and communicating with clients as well as your internal team.

  • It is obviously advantageous if you can code/program. However, the majority of Business and Integration analyst roles are focused on delivery. Your position may change depending on the stage of the project you are working on, such as requirements gathering/workshops, testing/defect management, or even drafting a cutover plan. Overall, broad