What Do You Understand By Surrogate Advertising?

Surrogate advertising is an indirect form of advertising, which is used in situations where advertising will be legally banned. A surrogate advertisement can be defined as an advertisement that duplicates the brand image of one product to promote another product of the same brand.

Surrogate advertising is a form of advertising which is used to promote banned products, like cigarettes and alcohol, in the disguise of another product. In India there is a large number of companies doing surrogate advertising, from Bacardi Blast music CD’s, Bagpiper Club Soda to Officers Choice playing cards.
Their intention is to make sure the customers of the banned product don’t forget it. This process is also termed as “brand extension”. Here, the company can not just promote new products (CD’s , mineral water), but at the same time also attach the original brand. Surrogate advertising should not be allowed.

A surrogate advertising refers to a form of advertisement that duplicates the brand image of one product to promote another product of the same brand

The word surrogate means a ‘substitute’. Usually, brands use surrogate advertising to promote a banned product under the veil of a substitute good.

Surrogate goods could either resemble a similar commodity or an entirely different product. Meaning, companies advertise their products and services by disguising them for some other product under the same brand name.
the 5 strategies used by brands in the present scenario to promote their products.

Promotion By Extension

Promoting new products with a familiar brand name is known as brand extension. Today, several companies use the brand extension to respond to a ban on advertisement of a particular product category.

For instance, Kingfisher has promoted everything from soda to calendar and airlines under the same brand umbrella.

Promotion By Association

Promotion by association focuses on the value proposition of a brand and creates an impression in customers’ minds that the brand is for brave people.

Generally, such brands are endorsed by celebrities to help reflect the values that a company seeks to portray.

Promotion Through TV Commercials

Many companies today make TV commercials, but most of them advertise a product directly. But, in the case of surrogate advertising, companies may be banned from doing so.

Therefore, they create commercials so that they disguise an item as outside the brand’s normal product.

For example, a company known for making alcohol may make a commercial highlighting a new soda.

Promotion Through Events And Sponsorships

Another type of surrogate advertising is done through events and sponsorships.

In this type of advertising, the company leaves its logo somewhere, such as on a wall of an event or the outside perimeter of a sporting event. This tactic, in turn, places the idea of the brand in the consumers’ minds.

For instance, Royal Stag owned an IPL team and promoted Coke Studio performances to advertise their brand.

Promotion Through Public Service Announcement

Public service announcements (PSA) is a prevalent strategy for advertising products.

Most of the products today are banned under surrogate advertising laws and are associated with several health risks. Therefore, through this advertising method, companies can bring awareness about the risks of smoking and use colorful company logos to do so.

For example, a company can bring awareness around the hazards of smoking but, at the same time, attracts consumers by bringing attention to their brand.