What do you know about automated bidding strategies? List a few

Automation is the way of the future, so having sufficient knowledge about automated bidding strategies is essential for digital marketers. You can mention the different automated bid strategies when this interview question comes up.

Example: "The benefit of automated bidding strategies is that you can meet your performance goals with specifically tailored bids. Instead of setting a maximum CPC for each keyword for your campaigns, all you need to do is include these campaigns in a portfolio Target CPA big strategy. You can then set the CP goal you want to achieve and Google Ads will take it from there. They will employ machine learning for automatic bid optimisation and that will lead to improved performance.

There are different automated big strategies according to your goals. If your goal is to increase site visits, you can use the Maximise Clicks bid strategy. To increase visibility, use Target Impression Share. For getting more conversions with the target CPA, use Target CPA. For meeting a target return on ad spends, go for Target ROAS. For getting more conversions at your budget, choose Maximise Conversions. For getting more conversion value at your budget, go for Maximise Conversion Value."