What do you do in your spare time? (hobbies) | PM interview questions

Question’s Purpose
Your hobbies tell them a lot about you. It says whether you are a Type A or Type B person. (Hint, they are not looking for a Type B person to be their PM.) They want somebody competitive, sets high goals for themselves, and works aggressively towards them and they want to see that reflected in your hobbies.

How to Answer
Your hobbies should tell a story of your Type A personality traits. They don’t want to hear stuff like, “I have kids and they take all my time,” “I like to hike,” or “I like to read and I read a lot.” (who the hell doesn’t read a lot?) They want a story about a personal life-goal that you are working towards in your spare time. Like me for instance, I want to be a writer and I write fiction and non-fiction, and I study and take writing courses in my spare time to improve my skills and abilities.

Stick to this formula: Aspirational Life Goal + Activities (hobbies) Working Towards Goal == Good Answer .

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