What do Economic Analyst Do and how to become one?

What do Economic analysts do?

Your job as an economic analyst is to investigate trends in economic data and provide economic reports and forecasts. Many economic analysts work for the government, but others for private companies, such as investment companies, who want to determine the best time to invest money in a project. To fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of an economic analyst often requires both math and programming skills and the ability to collect or access large amounts of financial data. Many economic analysts specialize in certain parts of the economy, Individual sectors.

How to Become an Economic Analyst
Economic analysts conduct economic surveys of federal agencies or private companies. Duties include developing economic forecasts and models using large amounts of economic data.

Economic analyst qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in economics, statistics, or related disciplines, and experience in reporting. Many analysts have government jobs, so you may need to pass a background check to apply for and consider a particular business analyst position.