What concepts are likely to be asked in a GD-PI round of IIFT admission process?

Whether it be the essay writing round, or the GD-PI processes, one can never be sure of landing a current affair or an abstract topic to have discussion on. Talking about the abstract topics, they are basically used to test the creativity and imagination of a candidate in bringing out examples from non-fictional and fictional sources to explain a topic.
Meanwhile, what’s being tested are the vocabulary and the communication skills. It is more about how you make sense out of random topics, by using their relevance from the world around you.

When it comes to IIFT, one cannot risk about going into an essay, GD or PI round without getting the basic concepts of trade clear. The area is behind foundation of the institution itself as well as the field of their flagship course. International agreements, Trade blocs, government policies, any international trade issue that has been making ripples in the news, summits of global leaders and economists in news, the budget and the economic survey and their relevance and important features, institutions of national and international importance put in place to promote healthy competition and transparency in trade, basic concepts of share market business and many others need to be brushed up from good and trustworthy sources before your turn.

Always make a note of the important issues India has been facing in its trade agreement with various nations or a common market, custom union, Free Trade Area region. This will not only get you a knowledge about the procedure of the whole arrangement, but will also introduce you to concepts that are at the base of the whole sector and will give you a live example how they play out in the real world. For example, how various trade barriers effect relationships between two parties, and how they can be imposed without introducing or hiking a tax, and how domestic and international politics play into all this arrangement.