What companies have data science internships for undergraduates?

There are many companies which offer data science internships for undergraduates; however, the pre-condition to this is that the student should be better engaged in a quality undergraduate college for his/her chances to be substantial in clinching the coveted internship offer. A few of the companies which offer these internships are Airbnb, Cloudera, Coursera, Facebook, Intuit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Uber, Yahoo and many more.

KPMG,Flipkart,Oyo,Etaoita and more which sir also mentioned


You may also want to check out https://internshala.com/ , it a good platform to land an internship opportunity in analytics and data science

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Try linkedin too.

If some of the replies that you’ve got helped, good for you. If you’re still looking for more opportunities, then I would suggest that you sign up on sites like:

  1. AngelList

  2. Internshala

  3. linkedin