What can Google Analytics event tracking be used for?

Before we go into detail about how to set everything up. Let’s look at some of the different ways that Event tracking can be used to measure visitor engagement on your site. Some of the typical uses for event tracking are listed below:

  • Tracking outbound link clicks to other websites.
  • Understanding how many users clicked on mailto email addresses or click-to-call phone numbers. This can help you to better understand the number of enquiries you are getting from your site.
  • Tracking PDF and other media downloads.
  • Measuring interactions with video content, such as time spent watching a video.
  • Tracking exactly where users drop off when filling in fields on your forms or checkout
  • Monitoring the clicks on unique elements of a page, such as the “contact us” call to action on your about page.
  • Collecting data about how many users filled in and submitted a form, although I would always recommend sending users to thank you pages whenever possible.

Event tracking allows you to count interactions that don’t necessarily involve loading another page on your website. Google Analytics goals can also be set up based on your events.