What can be two real life examples of NLP engineering?

• Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are gaining traction as people become more reliant on computers to communicate and do activities.
• Natural Language Processing will become more advanced as AI and augmented analytics get more sophisticated (NLP).
While the terms AI and NLP may conjure up thoughts of futuristic robots, fundamental instances of NLP are currently in use in our everyday lives.

  1. Email Filters –
  • One of the most fundamental and early applications of NLP online is email filtering.
  • Gmail’s email classification is one of the more common, newer implementations of NLP.
  • Based on the contents of emails, the algorithm determines whether they belong in one of three categories (main, social, or promotions).
  • This maintains your inbox manageable for all Gmail users, with critical, relevant emails you want to see and respond to fast.
  1. Smart Assistants –
  • Voice recognition allows smart assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa to recognize patterns in speech, infer meaning, and offer a helpful answer.
  • We increasingly expect personal assistants like Alexa and Siri to interpret context hints as they improve our lives and make tasks like ordering products easier.