What are your salary expectations? Answering this interview question

Working out the right approach to responding to this job interview question takes considerable thinking, as you must avoid seeming unrealistic while also not appearing disinterested.

Why do employers ask "what are your salary expectations?"

  • To see if you know how much you’re worth
    Make sure to look up the typical pay for the position and industry you’re interviewing for since this will help you figure out how much to offer.
    Graduate employment in London may be different from graduate positions in Manchester or Cardiff, so keep that in mind when calculating wages.

  • To see how confident you are
    Employers will want to know not only for financial reasons but also have a better understanding of you and your abilities. The Employer will want to know not just what your expectations are, but also how adaptable and self-assured you are.
    Presenting a realistic salary in a confident approach will demonstrate to them that you are pragmatic and confident. Make sure you sell yourself first before addressing the question straight!

  • To see how realistic your goals are
    While it is vital to aim high when asked “what is your projected income,” it is equally important to be realistic. If you state you want a salary impractically high in a Junior Marketing Executive graduate position, the firm will notice that you have unreasonable expectations, which may reveal more about you as a person and how you will complete duties.
    If the pay range is reasonable, and you propose a legit figure and support it with good arguments, the employer will regard you as a high achiever who is also realistic in your goals.