What are your favorite and least favorite technology products?

This question is designed to test your enthusiasm and your technical knowledge. Interviewers are also trying to understand your preferences and whether you like the hardware, operating system, and software the company uses.

It’s OK if you don’t. But don’t just say “I don’t like … because it sucks.” Be specific. Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of certain tools. Tell the interviewer what you admire about the products you love, whether it’s a rock-solid or sleek design, intuitive interface, or better functionality for advanced users.

You could also talk about the tools you use to write and debug applications. Be sure to tell the interviewer about tools you’ve tried in the past and the reasons why you prefer one over another.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to make the case for adopting new technology at a previous job, now’s the time to mention it. Explain why there was a need for new tech and discuss your reasoning behind choosing a particular product over another.

This is your chance to show off your technical knowledge and insights. Don’t be shy — it’s OK to get passionate!