What are two common types of attacks in Cyber Security?

  1. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS):
  • It’s a method of preventing a user from accessing resources by flooding the traffic used to access those resources.
  • A botnet controller is in charge of all the bots in the network. The attacker sends a command to the botnet controller instructing all bots to assault a server in order to flood it.
  • When a person tries to access a website, they will be unable to do so since the web site’s traffic is at capacity.
  1. Man–in–the–middle Attack
  • Suppose one wants to do an online transaction and connect to their bank to make an online payment.
  • While one is completing the transaction, they have to put in credit card details and the PIN.
  • The attacker can spoof it and monitor their transaction.
  • As soon as they put in their details, the attacker will see them.