What are TreeMaps in Tableau?

A TreeMap is a chart type used in Tableau to graphically represent data. The treemap charts show the data in a part to the whole manner i.e. you get to see how individual parts make up the whole.

For instance, if we see that the majority of sales occurred in the Phone segment in an electronics store.

A treemap chart can show you a bigger rectangle for the Phone segment and then a number of small rectangles within the big rectangle showing the sales of different brands like OnePlus , iPhone , Oppo , Samsung , Pixel etc.

In this way, treemaps represent multi-layered data in a part to the whole manner.

It consists of rectangular boxes of different sizes. The size of the boxes is directly proportional to the data value i.e. bigger the value, larger the box.

The treemap chart is colored and it assigns distinctive colors to different sets of values.