What are tools used by data analyst?

The power of statistics is used by a Data Analyst to make sense of the world around them. They are experts at identifying patterns, extracting insights from raw data, and developing models to uncover new opportunities in massive datasets. However, even expert need their tools to perform the tasks.

We are here to understand what tools are needed by a data analyst to perform their tasks and create interferences from the data:

  • Complex Microsoft Excel: Data analysts should be comfortable with Excel and be able to perform advanced modeling and analysis.
  • Machine Learning: While machine learning skills are precious in DA, it is not a talent that is anticipated in a regular DA position.
  • GoogleAnalytics (GA): GA aids specialists in gaining a better understanding of consumer data, such as landing pages and call-to-action (CTA) improved customer experience trends and areas.
  • Tableau is a specialist’s tool for aggregating and analyzing data. You can construct dashboards and share them with different team members to generate visualizations.