What are three things your former manager would like you to improve on?

  • any work should be finished be on time.
  • Analyse in process and innovation of new method for a better production whose call a system and management.
  • Should be a decision taker for a improve and confidence on our work and always first value give us work with tecnic and logic.

Example answer :
Punctuality, speed of work, and maybe communication with them. One of the reasons why I had to leave my last job was that I didn’t handle the workload. The working environment was extremely fast-paced, and half of the workers struggled to meet the quotes. But I have the feeling that if the communication with the management was better–and certainly we could impact it as employees, things could have turned out differently. Anyway, I learned my lesson, and in my new job I want to provide constructive feedback to my managers. And I also want to work in a different field, one where quality matters more than speed of work. That’s the reason I am applying with you.

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