What are things to consider in online interview?

The pandemic has certainly changed the business hiring process too, due to the pandemic the organizations are shifted towards virtual hiring, and there are certain things which one should take care of and consider it eventually.
Things to pay attention towards in online interview":

  1. Make sure you have good internet connection, test the internet connectivity or run a speed test with Okhla Speedtest which will tell you the speed of your internet connection.
  2. Your webcam will be on so make sure that you have a clean background that is subtle and not disturbing for the interviewer.
  3. Before answering any question check with interviewer that whether you are audible or not and then Speak slowly and clearly so that the interviewer can understand you.
  4. Online Interview doesn’t mean that you should alter your personal grooming before interview make sure that u are groomed well hair and beard is trimmed and you are looking presentable or not.
  5. Creating a good first impression is very important, hence you should have a positive body language with proper eye contact with the interviewer.
  6. Before joining the interview also make sure that you have a quiet background with no background noise.
  7. Hence, these are some steps which you could follow before attending a virtual interview.