What are the Various Types of Email Marketing?

Below is the four types of email marketing, which may come up as your email marketing interview questions (individually).

Here are the specifics that you should know in detail:


With active campaigning, you can club your target group on a specific product.

A Newsletter is an ultimate guide containing your product description. To maintain a steady relationship with your existing consumer base, Newsletter is the ideal means of communication to bind them for the product/service.

A Newsletter can increase the number of footfalls to your site substantially.

Marketing Offer

Need direct consumer responses? Marketing offers is surely a thing to be considered.

It is an apt technique to showcase your latest brand collections to lure your buyers to ease up their purchase decision.

In the case of promotional campaigns and discounted prices, marketing offers are the best beneficial bet.

Just a direct and suitable CTA will take in more traffic.


These types of marketing emails are to inform customers about a new product and its exclusive features/services.

This is the best way to update your customers about a new launch.

Event Invitation

This format of email marketing is best-used for promoting an event. With this type o marketing promotion, you can easily interact with your existing and potential clients and invite them as well.