What are the uses of SAS?

SAS/ETS software is used in a wide range of industries, including industry, government, and academia. Economic analysis, forecasting, economic and financial modelling, time series analysis, financial reporting, and manipulation of time-series data are all common uses of SAS/ETS processes.

Time-series data is a prevalent topic in many of the software’s applications. When it comes to analysing or predicting processes that take place across time, or analysing models that incorporate simultaneous linkages, SAS/ETS software comes in handy.

Although SAS/ETS is most strongly linked with business, finance, and economics, time-series data may be found in a wide range of areas. When data analysis is complicated by time dependencies, simultaneous linkages, or dynamic processes, SAS/ETS software comes in handy. For example, time-series analysis techniques in SAS/ETS software might be used to evaluate pollutant emissions data in an environmental quality assessment. The characteristics for nonlinear systems in SAS/ETS software might be used in a pharmacokinetic research to mimic the kinetics of drug metabolism in various tissues.