What are the types of Black Box Testing?

What are the types of Black Box Testing?

There are many types of Black Box Testing but the following are the prominent ones -

  • Functional testing - This black box testing type is related to the functional requirements of a system. Here, different actions or functions of the system are being tested by providing the input and comparing the actual output with the expected output.
    Eg: When we test a Dropdown list, we click on it and verify that it expands and all the expected values are showing in the list.

    Few major types of Functional Testing are:

    1. Smoke Testing
    2. Sanity Testing
    3. Integration Testing
    4. System Testing
    5. Regression Testing
    6. User Acceptance Testing
  • Non-functional testing - This type of black-box testing is not related to testing of specific functionality, but non-functional requirements such as performance, scalability, usability, etc.

    Few major types of Non-Functional Testing are:

    1. Usability Testing
    2. Load Testing
    3. Performance Testing
    4. Compatibility Testing
    5. Stress Testing
    6. Scalability Testing