What are the topics covered under Cyber Security?

The topics covered under cyber security are as follows:

  • Secure passwords – All a cyber-criminal requires is to gain access to your accounts through the passwords. Hence, protecting them becomes important along with the knowledge of the same.
  • Malware – An umbrella term used for any kind of malicious software.
  • Privacy – Today, we hear a lot about breaches of privacy, and hence, this is a topic one cannot ignore under cyber security.
  • Safe computing – A secure internet security augmented with an educated user can protect one from the threats out there.
  • Online scams – With the rise in social media usage, there has been an increase in online scams, and even if they are obvious, a lot of people fall prey to the same.
  • Mobile protection – Today, a large chunk of the population possesses a smartphone and hence, a lucrative target for hackers and people alike.