What are the top tools and technical skills for a Data Scientist?

Data science is a highly technical field and you will want to show the hiring manager that you’re adept with all of the latest industry-standard tools, software, and programming languages. Out of the various statistical programming languages used in data science, R and Python are most commonly used by Data Scientists. Both can be used for statistical applications such as creating a nonlinear or linear model, regression analysis, statistical tests, data mining, and more. Jupyter Notebook is often used for statistical modeling, data visualizations, machine learning functions, etc. Of course, there are a number of dedicated data visualization tools used extensively by Data Scientists, including Tableau, PowerBI, and plotting packages in python such as matplotlib, seaborn, Bokeh, and Plotly. Data Scientists also need plenty of experience using SQL and Excel.

Your answer should also mention any specific tools or technical competencies demanded by the job you’re interviewing for. Review the job description and if there are any tools or programs you haven’t used, it might be worth becoming familiar with before your interview.