What are the top cyber security companies in India?

Following are some of the top Cyber Security companies in India:

Alchetron – Free social encyclopedia for internet users.

Arcon TechSolution – Specializes in risk control solutions.

Aurionpro – Accelerating digital solutions and optimizing business operations.

Data Resolve Technologies – Focuses on data breaches and corporate frauds.

eScan – Addresses current and upcoming cyber threats.

HaltDos – DDoS protection solution. This is India’s first on-premise and well as cloud-based protection to websites.

ilantus – Grow and evolve ILANTUS technology.

InstaSafe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – They protect high risk applications from current and evolving cyber threats.

iValue InfoSolutions – It aims to grow a customer advisor relationship over the years.

K7 Computing – Earliest and most accomplished IT company protecting the IT environment.

Kratikal – End-to-end cyber security solution provider.

Lucideus - Offers consultancy, training and solutions to counteract cyber - attacks.

MailXaminer - Powered by sophisticated technical analysis capabilities, for finding deleted and/or hidden data.

SecPod - A platform of Tools for endpoint security and systems management needs.

SmokeScreen - Founded in 2015 to create the next generation of cyber-security detection and response systems.

Techdefence Labs - TechDefence Labs is an information security-based innovation center developed by Advanced TechDefence Pvt. Ltd.

TECHERA SECURITIES - one of the leading Innovative Cyber Security Company in the Global Industry Based Out of Hyderabad (India) which is a subsidary of Technovation based company TechEra Group, Nagpur.