What are the top companies which hire Finance background candidates?

Let’s get a quick overview of what an MBA in Finance entails. Financial education introduces students to the financial world by teaching them how to manage technical and personal accounts, financial markets, banking policy, and investment decisions, among other things. The topics covered are a wonderful mix of finance and management, providing you an advantage over traditional accounting and finance students.

Goldman Sachs: Goldman Sachs is an investment banking corporation that also provides a wide range of financial services such as fund management, money management, investment advising, retail banking, securities brokerage, and other financial services. It is one of the most sought-after jobs, and it is a dream business for all MBA candidates.

Moving into Goldman Sachs is no stroll in the park; you must be an exceptional professional to be accepted. Genuine interest in the business (internal investment banking experience), global awareness, sound integrity, and a collaborative temperament are just a few of the attributes they are looking for in their prospects. To recommend somebody for their position, you must have good leadership skills.

Morgan Stanley: After Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, the second-best investment banking firm, is another dream company for many MBA grads. Asset management, wealth management, sustainable investment, sales, and trading are also part of the company’s offerings. They provide chances for students, candidates, and competent practitioners.

Morgan Stanley is one of the best paying companies for MBA grads and is a great location to work if you want to advance your Finance career. They are known for their positive work attitude, reputation, and pool of exceptionally skilled employees, in addition to their enormous salary.

BCG: The Boston Consultancy Group (BCG) is one of the most powerful strategic advising organisations in terms of providing business and planning strategies to its clients. Nearly two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies are guided by the BCG! The BCG Matrix was built by the BCG community itself, therefore you should be familiar with it.

Getting into BCG is, unsurprisingly, a difficult task. However, once you’re in, you’ll notice that the company is growing steadily. If your work is good, you have a 75% chance of earning a permanent position there if you start as an intern. If you get promoted after your MBA, you’ll work your way up the corporate ladder as a project team leader, boss, and eventually partner.

Bain & Company: Bain & Company is a renowned corporate consulting firm in the world. For the past seven years, they have been placed first or second in the ‘Vault Consulting 50,’ which ranks the best 50 management consultants in the world. That encapsulates everything!

Getting into Bain & Co. is no simple task. It’s a lot of work from the submission to the screening process, but it’s well worth it. It is one of the most significant organizations to work for because they value diversity and community and strive to attract the most dedicated and high-quality individuals to their company.

JP Morgan & Chase: JP Morgan is a worldwide financial services company that is also a dream company for every MBA finance student. They provide an opportunity for students, graduates, and accomplished professionals to work at the company through internship programs.

They are continuously on the lookout for financial experts and have excellent communication and leadership abilities. College education should be excellent, as should new thinking.

Barclays: Barclays is a major worldwide bank that invests in both individuals and businesses. They were the first to introduce the credit card system and are also involved in relationship management, service, research, finance, tax, and treasury.

Barclays remains a dream employment for MBA graduates, not just because of their financial industry stature, but also because of the company’s expansion and chances. They also have a ‘MBA Ambition Diversity programme,’ in which bright MBA students are given summer internships. They are looking for people that are self-assured, proactive, and have excellent general management skills.