What are the top companies that hire Data analysts in India?


  • Develop analytics-based systems that generate quantitive business insights as part of your responsibilities.
  • Work with partners as needed to swiftly and efficiently integrate data and systems, irrespective of - technological obstacles or business settings.


  • Responsibilities: Analyze massive amounts of transactional and product data in order to create insights and practical suggestions that will help the company develop.
  • By finding data-driven possibilities and generating appropriate supporting materials, assist the Regional Sales Force in their attempts to increase the Sales effort.
  • For creative approaches or product updates, collect and synthesis input from clients, engineering, product, and sales teams.
  • Apply metrics, measurement, and benchmark expertise to difficult and time-consuming solutions.


  • Using your expertise and creativity to address challenging and real challenges at the confluence of process and technology, you’ll be inventing new computational methods and AI applications.
  • AI-assisted product development.
  • Data mining is being used to filter through petabytes of processes research in order to discover lethal faults.

Following are some companies that hire data analysts:

Accenture Analytics

Accenture Analytics is the tech company Accenture’s analytics division.

This division has created a name for itself by specializing in data-driven solutions and relying significantly on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This analytics department, driven by Accenture’s in-house predictive analytics methodology, is a terrific environment for a data analyst.

You will be a part of Accenture’s cutting-edge intelligence, working with data sensors and third-party searches.

Working with Accenture Analytics allows you to join the company’s global network of over 1800 data scientists and analysts and work in Accenture Innovation Centers and Accenture Labs.


In 2013, Gramener was one of the most profitable businesses to keep an eye on. Fast forward to now, and Gramener is one of India’s leading data analytics firms.

Gramener visualizes business problem solving by converting data into simplified dashboards. The designs are based on cognitive research, making it easier for the eyes to recognize important messages.


Another excellent analytics firm to work for in India is Datalicious.

Datalicious is a marketing platform that allows companies to make data-driven decisions to improve their customer experience.

Datalicious, with its solid and devoted team of data analysts and engineers, has a steep learning curve for anyone who works there.

It’s worth noting that Datalicious is one of the top Google Analytics resellers in the APAC area, allowing it to deal with both startups and Fortune 500 firms.