What are the tools for a business analyst

Some of the tools are:

Confluence and Jira

Jira and Confluence are two powerful collaboration platforms. For efficient project collaboration and requirement exchange, every Business Analyst should be conversant with the basics of Jira.


Another useful project collaboration tool is Trello. It manages and prioritizes work using a Kanban-style technique. A Business Analyst can use Trello to keep track of his tasks, project plans, and the status of critical activities that need to be performed.

Rational Requisite Pro

The tool has a very strong design that allows it to manage requirement documents that are dynamically linked to a project database with ease.


Balsamiq is a popular cloud-based wireframe design tool. This is a fantastic tool for Business Analysts who are working on New Product Design, brainstorming, and sketching new business concepts.


Pencil is a free and open-source tool for prototyping and mocking up simple designs. For business analysts, creating a prototype for the user is often necessary to assist customers grasp the ultimate product’s look and feel.

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a popular project management and business modelling application. Use case diagrams, project flowcharts, project timelines, process flow charts, and data models can all be created with it.