What are the three principal segments of the Windows Azure platform?

Compute, Storage, and Fabric are the three main elements of Windows Azure.

  1. Windows Azure Compute Windows Azure provides a code that the hosting environment may control. It provides the benefit of computation through components. Three types of roles are supported by Windows Azure:
  • IIS7 maintains web roles, which are used for web application programming.

  • Worker roles are used to handle the foundations of web roles.

  • Virtual machine (VM) roles are used to easily migrate Windows Server programs to Windows Azure.

  1. Windows Azure Storage It provides four different kinds of storage services:
  • Web components and worker roles have queued for telling each other.

  • Tables are used to store structural data.

  • BLOBs (Binary Large Objects) are used to store contents, records, and large amounts of data.

  • To mount a page BLOB, use Windows Azure Drives (VHD). BLOBs can be used to transmit and download these files.

  1. Windows Azure AppFabric AppFabric offers five different services:
  • Service bus

  • Access

  • Caching

  • Integration

  • Composite