What are the technical interview questions for campus placement for Morgan Stanley?

Some of the interview questions asked in the interview are as follows:
1)Write your own atoi()
2)Print a matrix in spiral form
3)Design tab system
4)Is it feasible to find the factorial of a given number without using any loop or recursion?
5)Level order traversal Line by Line.
6)How to use different scheduling algorithms keeping the best to run animation and movies on your TV at the same time.
7)Why did java developers think to introduce an interface?
8)Sort an array of 0s & 1s
9)How many different ways can four balls be dispersed across three different boxes, each of which may contain any number of balls? Furthermore, the two balls are identical.
10)In a room, there are five switches and five bulbs (not in that room but on different floors). Calculate how many visits you’ll need to make to figure out which switch is connected to which light.