What are the Technical interview questions for campus placement for Google?

In interviews, people can ask you from anywhere. In a technical interview, the interviewers generally go with your core subject, syllabus. Especially for Google experts in their respective technical fields interview you So the question come can come from anywhere In the syllabus.

Some of the technical questions are:

  1. What is a “Local Block” and how do you use it?

  2. Compare and contrast the “Switch” and “Multiple-If” statements.

  3. Write a software that compares two string lengths.

  4. What are the characteristics of modern DBMS?

  5. Describe any two differences between C++ and Java.

  6. Explain what a relational database management system (RDBMS) is and how it differs from a database management system (DBMS).

  7. What exactly is a nested loop? What is the else dangling condition in it?

  8. Describe the project you worked on during your final year. What was special about it?

  9. What term would you use to describe Software Life Cycle Development? Define the term.

  10. In C++, what is the jump statement?

  11. Technical questions about various projects completed throughout engineering school.

  12. Create a program that generates integers.

  13. What do you mean when you say “inheritance,” and how do you explain the different types?

  14. List the various attributes of the DBMS’s ER model.

  15. What are your current knowledge of IT sector developments?