What are the skills required for a Data Architect?

A data architect is a specialist who develops the organization’s data strategy, which includes data quality standards, data movement within the organization, and data security. This data management professional’s vision is what transforms business requirements into technical requirements.

The following are some of the Skills of a data architect:

  • System development knowledge, encompassing the life cycle of a system, project management procedures and requirements, and design and testing techniques

  • Data modeling and design skills, as well as SQL development and database management

  • Understanding predictive modeling, natural language processing, text analysis, and machine learning

  • Knowledge of popular data management and reporting technologies, as well as the fundamentals of columnar and NoSQL databases, data visualization, unstructured data, and predictive analytics

  • Skills in data mining, visualization, and machine learning are required.

  • Python, C/C++, Java, and Perl are examples of programming languages.

  • In addition, a data architect’s day-to-day responsibilities include coordinating and collaborating with users, system designers, and developers. As a result, a data architect’s soft skills, such as good communication, team management, problem-solving, and leadership, are highly sought.