What are the skills required for a Blockchain UX designer?

Generally, in addition to the skill of a typical UX designer, a Blockchain UX designer needs to understand the technology spending a considerable amount of time. Blockchain is a tectonic shift where we fully control our finances without any intermediaries. There are different types of software to be looked into when it comes to Blockchain UX design. Various blockchain explorers like Etherscan and ExploreMonero are simple windows to the database. You also need to know command-line interfaces(CLI) which offer the most feature-rich options to interact with blockchains, GUI, Digital wallet assets, portfolio management apps, etc.,

The job requires designers to have a comprehensive understanding of the key UX mobile design methods and procedures, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and other design and visual prototyping tools and programs, understanding and supportive of the users’ preferred design, and analyze what alternatives could make its user interaction more attractive and has to be resourceful and creative deadlines